Acquaintance with Anna Santner

The project "Acquaintance with Anna Santner" started by typing in my name in the "grave-search" -field on the webpage of the Viennese graveyards ( : The result showed 8 women carrying my name, who are buried in different graveyards in Vienna. That was the initial moment for this project, from then on, I started to research on my name-colleagues in Vienna, digging into genealogy and trying different methods to get to information about the ones alive and deceased.

  • Role: Idea & Realization
  • Client: University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Year: 2014


As my attempts to establish contact to the living Anna Santners failed and the data about them was solely gathered by information revealed from search engines and social networks, I researched more intensely on the ones who lived and died in Vienna before me. My research also made me visit their graves, as it's the only assessable physical "address" for the deceased.

A short stop motion video shows my journey to the graves of Anna Santner and some statistics show the relations between all of them.
Click and explore the Anna Santner map.